Driven by a passion for traditional hand craftsmanship and a fearless quest for innovation, Timothy Oulton is known for daring yet timeless furniture, lighting and accessories. Altaura was first invited to work with Timothy Oulton Retail stores after our Founder Doug Marshall worked with the Owner, Tim on a piece of Sound Design at Milan Design Week called Noble Souls. Through this experience, our partnership with Timothy Oulton has developed, and now we continue to deliver Tim’s vision in sound across all aspects of the brand, covering their retail and hospitality brands.




Our curation team set out to create a strategy that would create a unique retail experience, capturing the unique style of Timothy Oulton, the history of the British brand and laying out details of tech to help create a one of a kind experience. 


Timothy Oulton's retail brand is focused on the hospitality of its guests. With this in mind we worked with Tims personal record collection of 70s British rock and roll to create a sound that felt like being in one of Tims incredibly characterful, daring and unapologetic spaces. 


We have worked on a range of event projects, such as stretching out pieces of music by 300 times to create the sound of space for the launch of Apollo at Milan Design week. And collaborating with Bang and Olfsen to create an event at Timothy Oulton's flagship store, featuring DJ sets from Groove Armada and Daisy Lowe.


With such a range of stores across the globe our design team and partners have worked with Timothy Oulton's roll out team, to design sound systems that elevate the normal retail sound to a more encompassing experience. We have even sourced and painted a mini train that you can see going around the flagship store in London.

Altaura’s team have helped shape the character of our brands, by complimenting them each with a unique sound and experience. Each new project, whether it's a new store or a new hotel, is designed with a lot of knowledge and passion for music.

- Emily Haslam, Director 


Here's a sample the original Timothy Oulton's Morning Energy playlist:


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