Watergate Bay Hotel holds an iconic spot on the North coast of Cornwall, attracting guests from all over the world. We started working with the team to curate music that would suit the latest relaunch of their cafe called The Beach Hut.

The Beach Hut feels like an all day space. With its laid-back, breezy and modern look, blending considered food, carefree beach dining, and a warm welcome – all supported by a sustainable purpose. This space stays true to its roots while embracing the new.

The Beach Hut - Watergate Bay Hotel


The two most important elements that influence this playlist are the tide and the sun. These guide the behaviour of people in and around The Beach Hut. From morning sunrises, hot sunny lunches to cooler evening sunsets, the music becomes more energetic, warmer and more vibrant throughout the day. As the sun starts to set the music becomes more electronic, cool, and beat driven. This gradual transformation helps guide their guests from coffees to cocktails, all in a beautifully curated setting and atmosphere.

Inside The Beach Hut

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