We started working with the Langan's Brasserie team on their launch event, to reintroduce the newly designed brasserie & bar in style. The A-lister event recaptured the hay-day of the original haunt that was touted as the very crux of London's buzzing 1970s social scene. To support the launch, we managed and booked all the amazing singers, musicians, DJs, including a headline appearance and DJ set from Mark Ronson.

Since the launch, we have worked closely with Langan's Brasserie on a brief to recapture the famous 'house of hedonism', where elegance and pleasure meet. We were tasked with bringing back the old school Mayfair and reviving this multifaceted space. The owners want to create a place for people who know how to have fun, alongside a more sophisticated atmosphere - think 70s chic. Less flashy.


Upstairs at Langan's

We curated a classic section of music, with a 70s, jazzy feel. This sound matches the interiors and style of food, as a french/ British style bistro, think Bridget Bardot & Dusty Springfield. We then worked with the team to create a schedule to fit their times of day, days of the week that drive the most revenue. The background music is just a small aspect of what we do for Langan's. We manage all of their live music acts, including our hand-picked musicians that make up their residential band. We have booked string quartets, pianist, singers and DJs curated for the invitation only bar - Upstairs at Langan's.


Our relationship with Langan's brasserie in constantly evolving. This is a unique and ambitious project and we continue to work closely with the team to capture the moment for many Langan's customers. We continue to deliver Langan's a curated roster of the hottest bands, musicians and DJ's in London who deliver the atmosphere for the brand and space.

Langan's Top Bar




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