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Music for brands and spaces

We help brands connect more deeply with customers, increases corporate standards, and maximises sales with expertly curated and managed music.  

Our team of music curators, expert musicologists, and experience designers, create bespoke music strategies that elevate brand experiences, corporate standards and increase customer spend.

Turn your music into a valuable asset that makes your brand stand out.

brands we work with


spaces we work with


Increase bar spend or dessert sales with the right song selection. 


See a return of investment in just 9 cups of coffee. 


Enhance your whole guest experience from check in to check out.


Complete your experience with the right sound. 


The right sound can boost concentration and creativity. 


Increase dwell time or turnover with the right atmosphere.

how we work with them

Our process is guided by 6 steps:

Step 1. Discover

A 2 way street in getting to know each other - it's time to ask questions, taking part in design workshops to review your current offerings, customer journeys and competitors.

Step 2. DEfine

Now we know each other a bit better. We gather our findings and build your sound profile, putting forward a creative brief for you, on all of your sound touch points.

Step 3. Design

Answering the brief, we produce your music strategy (SoundAURA™). This part of the process is tailored to you, we become your music partner, working together to provide the ideal tech solution within budget.

Step 4. deploy

Now you're happy with the SoundAURA™, it's time to get prepared for the roll out. We test your tech, and provide training for all staff and management, collecting feedback from staff and your audience.

Step 5. Evolve

Each month we analyse your playlists, look at any feedback, and adjust your sound if necessary. All music is updated by at least 20%, and old tracks gets archived. As your business grows, so will your sound, which we review quarterly and update.

Step 6. Support

As your dedicated music partner, our team will be available 24/7 to help with troubleshooting tech, adjusting your sound or creating event/marketing specific playlists.


sounds like a good investment

Music is the most overlooked component of your brand's DNA, it is the afterthought that gets left to chance.

Even though music and sound hugely influence your customers' behaviour, and positively or negatively impact their experiences.

Use music to connect with your customers, increase corporate standards, and maximise sales with expertly curated and managed music.

Don't leave your brand sound to chance.


"Altaura has captured the elements that influence our space and brought a refreshing approach to sound, that has read the room perfectly."

Judi Blakeburn
Creative Director

“Altaura has been the perfect music partner for the past few years. They have helped us open new stores in new markets and with online playlists when stores were closed. On top of this, the support we receive is really responsive and we know their team are always there for a quick chat when we need it.”

Lauren Barnett
Head of Brand Partnerships

“Not only did they help us centralise our music system, so that we could monitor what was played in each store, their hands on management helped us roll out to easily to new stores. We no longer have any issues with the music, tech or sound-systems as its all handled by them.”

Alexis Schulze
Co Founder

“Altaura bring an unrivalled catalogue of music and the hottest live acts in London...they understand who we are, and encompass that into our brand sound...every beat breathes life into our spaces.”

General Manager

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