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Sound Science


Background Music

Sound is the first sense that activates when we walk into a space. It's because we are born with the acoustic startle reflex, making sound one of the key indicators of any experience.

In fact, music has the ability to activate more parts of the brain than any other stimulus. At Altaura, we understand the science behind your sound. We create and curate brand soundtracks that not only create the perfect audio atmosphere, but drive results for your brand and spaces.

To develop a successful soundtrack that matches your brand identity and creates the perfect audio atmosphere for your bar, restaurant, cafe, workspace, shop etc, there is more to consider than just simply selecting music genres or songs.

A well curated sound will positively influence human behaviour; driving more spend, influencing dwell time and turnover of guests, increasing brand awareness and loyalty and even affecting staff and customer wellness. The sound of your spaces says more to the subconscious of your guests than you think.

When the right music is played people:

Buy More
Recommend Others
Come Back
Stay Longer
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Top brands priority has shifted towards:

Customer Experience
Competitive Pricing
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Brand Recognition

At Altaura, we design bespoke music strategies, defining your brand sound, detailing the what, where, how and why you should use music to impact your guests and help you meet your business goals.

Our music strategy includes a brand sonic profile, playlists breakdowns, sample tracks, day-parting schedules, the right tech options and much more.

We produce well defined music solutions that match the customer experience needs. Your music strategy can be implemented alongside your brand strategy, operational strategy and marketing strategy, communicating a clearer message to your target audience.



Licensed Music

The background music for business market is full of algorithm led services that lack the attention to detail you need to influence human behaviour. Algorithms curate based on basic data, not the overall emotional connection and nuance that our human curators use.

We unite the best of both worlds, with our teams using behavioural science, experience design and music knowledge partnered with bespoke tech solutions for every space.

This means we are able to create customised sound solutions that are backed by data-driven analytics and research, partnering with the best professional audio technology on the market, that can be tailored to suit any of your hospitality, fitness, work or retail spaces.

Who We Are
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What We Do


Power of Music

we're Altaura a full-service design agency that uses sound to create unforgettable experiences that support your business goals. Our team of music curation experts, sound designers and engineers are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of background music for business.

Recently everyone has become a DJ. And brands have ended up with boring, popular soundtracks chosen by taste, not by science or design. But our approach is different, we aren't just a simple music supplier of coffee shop sound, office background music or restaurant music playlists, we actually understand how to use the power of music to shape your customers' emotions, thoughts and actions.

As a creative media management company we are designing music strategies that will deliver a substantial ROI whether it's for background music for hotels o in-store music for retailers.


Competitive Edge

Sound is the most influential sense when it comes to our emotions, sound can quickly turn to noise, especially when left to chance. Still, sound is the last sense businesses consider when creating a customer experience or designing a space. 

Only the top performing brands know what music is playing in their spaces. So get ahead of the competition with a well-planned music strategy that puts your audience in the right frame of mind and enhances the emotional connection with your brand.

We believe in designing smart solutions that bring out your brand's unique personality and captivate customers with innovative sounds, powerful storytelling, and creative production techniques. Our team handles everything from design, curation, tech, music licensing and monthly management, so that your team can concentrate on what you do best.

hollistic music strategty for all spacees

Acoustic Strategy

Whether it’s ambient music for an office, live music  in coffee shops, sound design for an experiential event or a custom playlist to boost your retail experience, we help brands create unforgettable experiences with sound.

Our team curate and compose bespoke soundtracks utilising the best music streaming technologies on the market to suit your specifications. We also help design the right sound systems and acoustics for your spaces, organise live acts and create sound effects and compose original music for digital media projects.

Our team is made up of industry veterans with decades of experience in music for business and sound design, working on one stop shops to large scale projects across the globe.

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The Spaces


Unforgettable Experiences

The progression of music throughout history has a close relationship with architecture. Certain types of music work better for specific buildings and spaces. In fact, we even show  preference for richer, more vibrant colours the louder the music is. Your interior design has to match your sonic design, in order to create an experience where you can influence human behaviour successfully.

By using an experience design process, we put the audience at the centre of the design process and build outwards, taking into consideration the architecture and interior design elements. This means your music strategy will include a sound that will be spread effectively across the space and detail the right equipment needed in order to create the experience you wish to deliver.


Music Curation

Music Strategy

Experience Design
Music Curation

Music Strategy

Experience Design
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We Do

Brand Recognition
Playlist Curators
Customer Experience
Brand Recognition
Playlist Curators
Customer Experience
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Sound Design
Live Bands & DJs
Brand Recognition
Sound Design
Live Bands & DJs
Brand Recognition
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CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EXCELLENCE USES THE POWER OF MUSIC STRATEGY AND MUSIC CURATION. Find background music with Altaura sound design agency. We have a range of partners across the world to create a bespoke sound solution that is greatly appreciated. Get access to feature creators via public domain & youtube channel or to free background music samples.
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We are a team
of music curation

We build music strategies that focus on utilising the power of music through behavioural science. We consider the time of day, the atmosphere, demographics, customer and staff wellness to create unforgettable experiences that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether it’s a restaurant, bar, cafe, gym, workspace, hotel, retail outlet or something else,  music strategy has the power to deliver meaningful results for your business.



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What our clients say

All of our music services help clients’ on their mission to deliver better customer experiences, but don’t take our word for it:

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“Altaura's has helped define the vibe at &pizza. Our sound is now an integral part of our experience which has driven our brand awareness and growth.”

Michael Lastoria
Founder & CEO
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"Altaura is the perfect music partner. supporting all sound aspects of our brand, helping us open new stores in new markets and curating online playlists. They are always responsive and on-hand for all our music needs."

Lauren Barnett
Head of Brand Partnerships
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“Altaura’s team have helped shape the character of our brands, by complimenting them each with a unique sound and experience. Each new project, whether its a new store or a new hotel, is designed with a lot of passion for music.”

Emily Haslam
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“Altaura bring an unrivaled catalog of music and the hottest live acts in London...they understand who we are, and encompass that into our brand sound...every beat breathes life into our spaces.”

Samuel Bernard
General Manager
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“Not only did they help us centralize our music system, so that we could monitor what was played in each store, their hands-on management helped us roll out to new stores. We no longer have any issues with the music, or sound-systems as it's all handled by them”

Alexis Schulze
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“Altaura has captured the elements that influence our space and brought a refreshing approach to sound, that has read the room perfectly.”

Judi Blakeburn
Creative Director
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“Just like our meats that are seasoned and grilled to perfection by a certified master griller, we partnered with altaura to ensure expert djs select music that keeps our guests and staff happy, entertained, and ready to come back.”

Alex Eagle
CEO of Freebirds World Burrito
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What makes us unique at Altaura!

Design is at the centre of everything we do. Experience design is one of the core pillars of our business. We believe that if you follow an experience design process, you can create experiences that will influence human behaviour and be remembered by your audience.

Step 1: Discover

Step 2: Define

Step 3: Develop

Step 4: Deploy

Step 5: Evolve

Step 6: Support

Your sound is designed to evolve with your brand. Your unique music playlists are always updated to refresh the vibe in spaces. Our background music is curated for meaningful experiences and we never stop improving. We use in-depth research, behavioural science, music discovery sessions and customer feedback to ensure that our background music delivers the right message, emotion and experience.

✓ Hotel Music

✓ Cafe Music

✓ Bars & Restaurant Music

✓ Retail Music

✓ Workspace Music

✓ Health & Wellness Music

We are partnered with the best in the business, tech professionals who find the best solutions to suit your specific needs, purpose and budget, whether you have 20 or 2000 zones, we can propose the right solution. We work with the best music manufacturers, music suppliers and sound designers to install and configure sound systems that focus on music ambient.

✓ Audio Hardware

✓ Sound System

✓ Music Server

✓ Free App

✓ Software Integration

✓ Remote Management

We recognize that music for business is a pivotal part of any thriving brand. As such, we take a proactive approach to every account, continuously evolving and updating your solution. And, we are always here to help, with a 24/7 support team on hand to answer any questions you might have or make adjustments to your system.

✓ Music Curation

✓ Sound Design

✓ Live Music

✓ Music Licensing

✓ Technical Assistance

✓ Creative Direction

Music News