Market Halls is the new generation of food halls, home to some of the best restaurants and bars. Their aim is to provide the ultimate dining and drinking experience. The history of their halls span centuries. Market Halls venues are united by welcome for all. The spaces come together, where treating your taste buds has never been easier.



We were brought on to update and refresh Market Halls original sound, and bring new technology. After reviewing the old playlists, we worked with MH to decide the best direction would be to create different energy playlists, that can be used across the sites and zones at different times. This gave flexibility to each location on what should be playing when.


Each location was given their own schedule, that was designed to automatically change energy throughout to day, based on the peak busy hours during the day. We review the schedule and playlists each month and make adjustments where necessary, and ensure there are no more than 8 repeats per month, to keep staff and returning customers happy.

"Altaura make our staff's lives easier, and that's all we can ask. They get the brand, they get the vibe, and they get on with it."

Owner, Market Halls


Here's a sample of the brand sound we originally curated for Market Halls:

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