"Altaura has made music an essential element of our spaces, perfectly combining the style of the brand and the essence of what we do.

Without a doubt, this collaboration is the complement our brand needed.”

Gonzalo Blanco Moya, Director of Design, Lateral


We were approached by Lateral to help revamp their music and create a cohesive and impactful sound across all of their unique spaces.

Lateral was committed to creating a contemporary and avant-garde dining experience and we wanted to align their music with this vision.

First, we conducted a thorough analysis of Lateral’s current music and identified areas for improvement. We noticed that their music was not consistent across all their spaces, relying on popular Spanish music, usually chosen by the staff on site.

This resulted in a disconnect between the food, atmosphere and music, which detracted from the overall dining experience for customers. To address this, we proposed an eclectic but modern global sound that increases in energy and becomes more beat driven throughout the day. This transformed their spaces from breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner, creating a seamless and enjoyable customer journey.

In addition to this, we decided to steer away from using Spanish music, which is heavily used by competitors. This helped Lateral to stand out and create a unique sound in their market.

The new music strategy has had a significant impact on Lateral’s business. Bar spend has increased as customers are spending more time at the restaurant, and the new sound has also attracted more drinking customers. Their brand awareness has increased too with the addition of spotify playlists the brand regularly share.

Furthermore, the new music strategy has brought all of Lateral’s unique spaces together, solidifying the brand and attracting new customers. The cohesive and impactful sound has created a more enjoyable dining experience for customers and has helped Lateral to achieve their vision of creating a contemporary and avant-garde dining experience.

Overall, the new music strategy has been a success for Lateral and has helped to transform their business for the better.


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