The Hunter's Moon Pub came to us when they first opened. Located in a notoriously difficult location to get right, it was our task to deliver an atmosphere, that would fit the area and the clientele. The brief was to remain current, fun and make guests feel relaxed. They needed an all-day kind of feel, that would also be suitable to fit a restaurant, not just pub vibes.


We curated an eclectic section of music, mainly acoustic tracks, with a warm and human sound. This sound matches the warmth of the interiors and style of food etc. We then worked with the team to create a schedule to fit their times of day, days of the week that drive the most revenue, such as Sunday Lunch, and Thursday & Friday night drink/ cocktail service.


Since introducing Altaura’s Premium music solution, which was implemented to help increase guests' spend in peak times. The Hunters Moon Pub has seen a 7% increase in profit margin on their desserts.

That's an extra £1,000 profit solely from dessert sales just from dinner service at ONE location. That means the cost of their monthly premium music service was covered in less than five desserts and they sold 150 more desserts than they would have done without our music curation.  


Here's a sample of the original playlist we curated for the Hunter's Moon Pub. *Subject to evolution.

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