The space is split between a pub at the front that champions comfort and is perfect for intimate get-togethers, with its cosy nooks and comfy aged leather armchairs, whilst the dining room, flooded with natural light, offers homely touches including an open fireplace. Oak and vintage tile flooring, and textured walls sit alongside soft autumnal coloured furnishings, touches of opulent velvet and feature pendant lighting.



We worked with the executive team to create a music strategy that would show the flair and characteristics of the brand, but also help drive revenue goals, such as guests staying longer for desserts and faster turnover of drinks sales at busy moments. 


When we started working with the Lunar Pub Group, it was a new concept and the owner had already developed a sample playlist, which we helped grow and shape. Since then we have curated their playlists for all opening times of day and even for special occasions such as New Years Eve. 


Working with the project management partner, our design team developed a system that brought the right level of atmosphere for the normal dinning experience, but also had the flexibility to become louder for events or busy late nights at the bar. We also helped solve some acoustic issues in one of the restaurants, working with their interior design team to design some acoustic panelling. 


We curated an eclectic section of music, mainly acoustic tracks, with a warm and human sound. This sound matches the warmth of the interiors and style of food etc. We then worked with the team to create a schedule to fit their times of day, days of the week that drive the most revenue, such as Sunday Lunch, and Thursday & Friday night drink/ cocktail service.

We have seen a positive upturn in dessert sales and drinks sales. People are staying longer because of the atmosphere that we create, with one of the main ingredients being our well curated playlists.

- Hugh Beatson-Herd, Managing Director 


Here's a sample of the original playlist we curated for the Hunter's Moon Pub. *Subject to evolution.

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