Set within a lush and intimate oasis, guests can bathe in therapeutic, gather mood mineral waters from the 600 year old natural spring, and have treatments from renowned healers to experience an effortlessly holistic wellness journey Two Bunch Palms is a contemporary wellness escape where you are implored to define what wellness means to you. Sleek but still relaxed — this place doesn’t ask anything of its' guests. Unlike a traditional spa experience in almost every way, Two Bunch is here to casually indulge your desire to retreat yourself.

Outdoor Spa



We partnered with Two Bunch Palms to deliver an atmosphere that would join different experiences and areas of the hotel together. Their incredible spa facilities are a focus for guests, so creating the right environment to relax the right way, was key. And using the right kind of music to compliment the transition from the spa areas to the more lively restaurant areas, ensuring the reception area is always warm and welcoming.


We curated three different sound zones, that would link together. We curated a playlist for the reception area that is mainly instrumental, warm sounding music to make feel welcome and excited about their stay. For their main pool area and restaurant we wanted to give a more relaxed and eclectic feel, with selections from nearby festivals and local record shops. Twine, is their separate bar area, we wanted to give an upbeat but non invasive feel during the day, allowing guests to work on laptops, but during the evening, as cocktail hour takes place, the atmosphere becomes more electronic, a perfect place for an after dinner drink.

"Music is an important part of creating the right mood. Our hotel is an oasis of relaxation and escapism, and Altaura's playlists bring the right atmosphere all day long, in all areas of our hotel.”

Ankit Sekhri, Hotel Manager. 


Here is a sample of the Daytime playlist, we originally curated as part of Two Bunch's brand sound:

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