“Just like our meats that are seasoned and grilled to perfection by a Certified Master Griller, we partnered with Altaura to ensure expert DJs select music that keeps our guests and staff happy, entertained, and ready to come back.”

— Alex Eagle, CEO of Freebirds World Burrito


We were first invited to work with Freebirds through our partnership with Livit Design, an award winning Restaurant Design agency.

Freebirds needed help making the sound more inclusive, and aligning their music across locations,  which also involved getting staff onboard with the music, so they wouldn't continue to unplug the background music, and put on their own iPods.

First, we conducted a thorough analysis of Freebird's current music and identified the problem areas. We noticed that their music was often random, and too chart driven, relying on popular music, usually chosen by the staff on site.

We embarked on our mission to match the inclusive and Texan essence of Freebirds through the playlist across their spaces, and introduce more frequent updates to the playlists, that their staff would become advocates of.

It was our role to introduce a sound that was more fun and upbeat, as well as introduce staff collaborative playlists - a great way to make staff feel part of the music selection process - but that is still vetted by our expert curators.

Our team of experienced designers and music curators worked with the executive team at Freebirds to design a music strategy that would be impactful, thoughtful and on-brand. It included playlists that would suit the different energies of the day, as well as a collaborative playlist for their staff; to motivate them before opening and while closing.

To align Freebirds music with their brand identity, our curation team found inspiration in Texas’ eclectic music culture, as well as new music coming into Texas from around the world. The Freebirds brand is built on community, specifically the community of Texas, while remaining open to all. The music symbolises this brand's collective, inclusive focus; blending records from Texas’ past with the modern and new.

Now they have an inclusive, uplifting and approachable music strategy, that aligns with the brands goals, and has helped improved customer satisfaction, and kept regular customers coming back for more.

Freebirds noticed a significant increase in their staff retention after introducing our music services.


Here's a sample of the music we originally curated for Freebirds: 

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