Nekter Juice Bar has over 150 locations across 19 states in the USA. Altaura was first invited to work with Nékter through our partnership with Livit Design - the award winning Restaurant Design agency. Through sharing our existing portfolio of work, and sitting down with our team of music strategists and curators, we embarked on our mission to create a family friendly soundtrack for the brand, that could work across all of their locations.

We were asked to deliver “The Nekter Experience” through music, for their corporate and franchise locations. They also asked for a simple, easy to use, music solution to roll across all of their 150 locations. The music also needed to match  the refreshing feel of Nekter Juice Bars.



For a brand with 150+ locations, delivering a consistent experience is always a major challenge. Our music strategy provided a deep dive into their brand to shows how the right style of music, and the right technology could work for their business. In this process we gathered feedback feedback from the franchisees to create a sound that was uplifting, fresh and upbeat to drive higher turnover and elevate guests' experience. Their strategy included a plan on how to roll out the new music solution to stores quickly an effectively. 


Our music curation service is constantly evolving to fit the brand sound that our clients need. Working with the Nekter team across the country, our curation team gather feedback from the core brand team, which helps shapes a fresh and modern sound to match the fast paced fresh environment.

Not only did they help us centralise our music system, to monitor what's played in each store, but their management team took control of the roll out to over 120 sites. We no longer have any issues with the music, tech or sound-systems as its all handled by them.

- Head of Operations, Nekter Juice Bar


Here's a sample of original sound we curated for Nekter Juice Bar:

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