We were asked to deliver “The Nekter Experience” through music, for their corporate and franchise locations. They also asked for a simple, easy to use, music solution to roll across all of their 150 locations. The music also needed to match  the refreshing feel of Nekter Jucie Bars.


For a brand with 150+ locations, delivering a consistent experience is always a major challenge. Our solution delivered them our *SoundAURA. This is a document that dives into their brand, to deliver the right music strategy, and shows the right music technology suitable for their business. Through this process we could implement our music strategy to sit within their wider brand strategy.


We continue to evolve their sound each month, adapting to their rapidly changing environment. Gathering feedback and analysing data from our system, helps us develop the sound strategy further and ultimately better their experience and grow their brand. 


Here's a sample of Nekter Juice Bar's playlist, we originally produced for them. *Subject to evolution.


“Not only did they help us centralise our music system, so that we could monitor what was played in each store, their hands on management helped us roll out to easily to new stores. We no longer have any issues with the music, tech or sound-systems as its all handled by them”.
Head of Operations, Nekter Juice Bar

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