Emphasising the connectivity, inclusivity, and unity that defines the brand, &pizza ultimately represents a movement. Through dynamic flavour combinations, an unorthodox approach to apparel and partnerships, and a dedicated approach to providing every guest with a completely individualised experience, &pizza seeks to define trends, not follow them.

Altaura was first invited to work with &pizza through our partnership with Livit Design - the award winning Restaurant Design agency. Through sharing our existing portfolio of work, and sitting down with our team of music strategists and curators, we embarked on our mission to match the connective, inclusive and united essence of &pizza through the playlist across their spaces.



Our team of experience designers and music curators worked with the executive team at &pizza to design a music strategy that would be impactful, thoughtful and on-brand. It included a different sound for urban and suburban locations and an online strategy for their Spotify playlists.


As &pizza's sound is on-trend, provocative and expressive, our curation team take inspiration from current events and cultural topics to influence the monthly updates across the playlists, also taking into account the particular regional identities of each store. The &pizza brand, is built on being bold and outspoken, this might mean you hear records with references to LGBTQ+ community, equality through pay and employment, political injustices, police brutality, climate change and much more.


Altaura has helped define the vibe at &pizza. Our sound is now an integral part of our experience which has driven our brand awareness and growth. 

Michael Lastoria Founder & CEO


Here is a sample of the playlist we originally curated for &pizza:

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