Four decades and £30 million of improvements and repairs have turned The Headland from a wreck to a multi-award-winning destination hotel, complete with 91 five-star bedrooms, a state of the art-gym, a five-bubble-rated spa, a six-pool Aqua Club, and three restaurants with the best sea views in Cornwall. The Headland is a one-of-a-kind. It's more than a hotel in a wild, dramatic location. It has grand traditions and age old charm, but it also embraces the modern with a stunning Aqua Club and five-bubble-rated spa facilities. The aim of the hotel has always been to create an atmosphere of relaxed luxury with excellent, approachable but unobtrusive service. 



Our design team met with the owners o discuss the history of the Hotel and to get a taste of the experience at the incredible destination. Once we had gathered enough information, we created a strategy that featured new zones for the music, to give the hotel more of a cohesive flow from one area to another and a day-parting strategy that would bring the energy up and down to suit different times of day to aid in increasing the spend per hotel guest. 


The main ballroom and samphire fine dining restaurant has a sophisticated but approachable and friendly sound that has a mix of local and international music of all genre and age. As the terrace bars main focus is sunrises and sunsets, we used more influences of the sea, air and sun within the music. Lastly, the Aqua club needs to transition from a relaxing calm experience to a unique fresh cocktail atmosphere at night. We used a bpm and volume scale to raise the energy slowly throughout the day. 



Here's a sample of the music we originally curated for The Headland Hotel: 

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