Founded in Notting Hill in 2015, Farm Girl is a diverse group of health-focused cafes & restaurants in London. They serve holistic, fresh food & damn good coffee, Australian style. Confronted with a very disappointing choice of healthy food options & great coffee, she set out to create what would soon become one of London’s best brunch cafes. Today, Farm Girl has grown to become one of the most unique & recognisable hospitality brands in London



We have worked with the Farm Girl team to develop the sound of two of their concepts, Farm Girl Cafes and Roll Baby. Both use a unique sound, with Farm Girl using an upbeat collection of new disco and hip hop, that keeps the staff and customers energy high. Roll Baby has two playlists that use Japanese synth pop as a main genre, that goes well with their asian flavoured rolls. It can either be very chilled for quiet moments or super upbeat for busy quick lunch periods. Both use our Lite curation package, with the team refreshing the playlists each quarter. 


Finding the best and most appropriate technology requires expert knowledge. Our team of sound engineers work with Farm Girls project managers and partners, to successfully updated their old sound systems, and fix any outstanding issues, helping to design new locations with the right system, that can be replicated at each site

“Altaura have helped shape both of our brands with well curated soundtracks. The music is always on point and they are always on hand to help with any issues."

Anthony Hood Owner



Here you can see the overall music profile that we defined in the music strategy for Farm Girl, along with a sample playlist of the brand that we originally curated:

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