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Completely bespoke restaurant and bar music

Our background music for restaurants and bars is designed for all types of venues, from fast casual restaurants to high-end and immersive dining experiences. The right restaurant playlist creates an inviting atmosphere and boosts customer satisfaction, which can result in customers staying longer, and consuming & buying more. With our restaurant music services, we create a unique sonic identity that suits your brand, whether it's based on your cuisine, location, demographic etc. Welcome your guests with vibrant music that will give them the perfect prelude to a pleasant night.

Our Process

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A 2 way street in getting to know each other - it's time to ask questions, taking part in design workshops to review your current offerings, customer journeys and competitors.



Now we know each other a bit better. We gather our findings and build your sound profile, putting forward a creative brief for you, on all of your sound touch points.



Based on the brief, we produce music strategy (SoundAURA™). This part of the process is tailored to you, working together to provide the ideal tech solution within budget.



Now that you happy with the SoundAURA™, it's time to get prepared for the roll out. We test your tech, and provide training for all staff and management, collecting feedback from staff and your audience.



We analyse your playlists monthly, look at feedbacks, & make adjustments if needed. The music is updated by at least 20% and old tracks gets archived. As your business grows, so will your sound.



As your dedicated music partner & sound strategist, our professional team will be available 24/7 to help with troubleshooting tech, adjusting your sound or creating event/marketing specific playlists.


number of times people visit restaurants each year: 46% of restaurant-goers visit on a weekly basis.

This means on average each person visits a restaurant 50 times per year.

music for businesses

Gain competitive advantage with unique background music for restaurants & bars

Bar background music and restaurant background music curation should never be an afterthought. It should be seen as a powerful tool to drive customer behaviour and increase revenue. Share your business model with our music design team and let us create a customized music playlist, background music, restaurant songs and bar songs that fit your restaurant and music bar. Whether you have a nightclub or a quiet wine bar, our expert restaurant music licence songs are crafted to match the tone and style of your space.

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