Located within the iconic Ferry Building with panoramic views of the Bay, our space provides the stage for diverse communities to gather and connect. Featuring dedicated workspaces, meeting rooms, phone booths, an array of lounges and a café and coffee bar; with an in-house restaurant, and wellness centre to come—SHACK15 is purpose-built to be the dynamic gateway to San Francisco’s entrepreneurial landscape. They create inspired gathering spaces and bring together passionate founders, innovators, and change makers from around the world. 



Our music curation team worked with Shack 15 from the conception of the brand. We developed a very distinctive electronic sound that would grow with energy throughout the day. This helped transform the space from a wellbeing space in the morning, to a workspace in the day and finally members club in the evenings. We even designed pieces of music to help with that transition that where triggered when the sun started to set.

We tested a number of playlists in the space, and set up automatic scheduling that switches the music perfectly when the sun sets each day, with a significant change in the energy of the music, to  transition from a workspace to a space for dining and relaxing.

"Altaura enables us to overdeliver on a foundational element of our brand experience, with the level of service and seamlessness that is impossible to replicate."

Maximilian Rainy Creative Director 



Here's a sample of the original brand sound we curated for SHACK15:

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