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Level up health and wellness initiatives with curated music

Gyms, fitness centres, spas, and other health and wellness spaces all rely on background music to support the experience. Whether it's music to guide a workout or a massage, the music is part of the customer journey. Carefully curated music for health and wellness spaces can calm or energise your visitors. Our brand specific gym music and wellbeing playlists often motivate, inspire or soothe while providing the perfect background music for all sorts of health and wellness spaces. Become a go-to lifestyle brand that utilises the power of music tailored to customers' needs.

Our Process

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A 2 way street in getting to know each other - it's time to ask questions, taking part in design workshops to review your current offerings, customer journeys and competitors.



Now we know each other a bit better. We gather our findings and build your sound profile, putting forward a creative brief for you, on all of your sound touch points.



Based on the brief, we produce music strategy (SoundAURA™). This part of the process is tailored to you, working together to provide the ideal tech solution within budget.



Now that you happy with the SoundAURA™, it's time to get prepared for the roll out. We test your tech, and provide training for all staff and management, collecting feedback from staff and your audience.



We analyse your playlists monthly, look at feedbacks, & make adjustments if needed. The music is updated by at least 20% and old tracks gets archived. As your business grows, so will your sound.



As your dedicated music partner & sound strategist, our professional team will be available 24/7 to help with troubleshooting tech, adjusting your sound or creating event/marketing specific playlists.


number of times Americans visit Beauty Salons each year: 54% of salon guests visit on a weekly basis.

This means on average each person visits the Shops 7 times per year.

music for businesses

Bespoke wellbeing music for businesses of all sizes

Our music strategy is the perfect way to improve your background music, from beauty salons, gyms chains and franchises to large-scale spas and wellness complexes. We understand that each space has its own unique climate, and our music curation services are tailored to your exact needs.Our curated playlists are based on behavioural science and an experience design approach, so you can be sure your guests will find the perfect mix of music right for your health and wellness spaces. Reach out to our team of expert music curators and sound designers to find the best music or soundscape for your business.

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