You’re missing a beat if you aren’t utilising curated music as part of your brand strategy. Delivering a brand that appeals to customers has never been easy. COVID is making it even more difficult. Which is why you need all the support you can get. Here are 7 reasons sound could be your biggest ally, helping you keep your customers at ease, and even spending more:

1. Of all our senses, we react fastest to sound

Did you know that sound is the sense that reaches the brain first, and functions as an organiser for the rest of our senses? Whether we realise it or not, sound guides our choices every single moment of the day.

2. Sound is a useful component in a unified brand strategy

Interior design strategies are vital for any successful restaurant. Menus, lighting, seating layout, materials, and colours all combine to deliver a great customer experience. What’s often overlooked is sound, and yet sound, makes spaces come to life.

3. Sound can influence your customer’s decisions

Studies show that sound has a significant impact on the brain and our behaviour. Music can impact our mood and influence our decisions. The tone, pitch and tempo of music in restaurants is used to enhance customer’s experiences. Making them stay longer and spend more – 9.1% more!

4. If not, you’ll just end up playing chart music

It is a common misconception that playing popular music is the best option for your brand, because of its widespread appeal. In actual fact, playing music that reflects your brand values makes a big difference in sales compared with just playing the most popular songs.

5. Curated music, is licensed music

Personal music services do not give businesses the right to stream music in public spaces. Even so, 83% of small business owners believe that it does and continue to stream music illegally. This means the creators are not fairly compensated for their work. Let’s get the artists we love to play, paid. Use curated music services like Altaura.

6. With expertly curated music, comes analytics tools

Music has become another data touchpoint for your brand. Music streaming solutions make it possible to schedule music in an unlimited number of locations for brands. Therefore, it is now possible to see precisely how the choice of music, moved sales, second by second.

This technology revolutionises the way we can measure music’s impact. This helps brands understand what music to play and when.

7. Music Matters

Music is a passion point for an exceedingly large number of people. Making it a powerful way of connecting with those around us. It can trigger memories of messages, experiences, and other moments. There is scientific evidence to demonstrate how music and recall are intrinsically linked.

Let the way your spaces sound, be triggers for many memorable moments your customers can enjoy.