Zizz’s is part of the Azzurri Group, one of the UK's largest and most successful casual dining businesses Since first opening its doors and firing up its signature pizza ovens in Chiswick over 20 years ago they have opened over 130 restaurants across the UK & Ireland, each individually designed with touches unique to the local area and perfect for all occasions. 



We sat down with the executive team at the Azzuri group and went through an extensive experience design process to design a strategy that not only detailed the sound of the restaurant but also music for their take away and supermarket products. We also included options for live acts and brand partnerships, including potential new artists to work alongside for their Christmas advertising campaign. This created a holistic strategy that they where able to implement across all of their brands touch points, aligning their sound with the rest of the brand.



Here is a sample of the playlists we originally curated for Zizzi's:

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