Located just off the King’s Road and inspired by the English country garden, Stanley’s courtyard bar and restaurant offers a comfortable place for guests to come eat, drink and relax. The outside courtyard booths has been fitted with reclaimed timber screens to enable social distancing with the Orangery and dining room providing beautiful spaces for coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner.



Working with the owner, Hugh Stanley we were tasked with filling their space with sound that complimented their aesthetic. As we started this project on the tail end of lock downs we needed to provide an escape for guests in times of social distancing, across the day parts: coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner. This has evolved and changed as restricted are all lifted and we continue to differentiate their sound in new ways - post-covid.


We designed three different playlists to fit the changing energies of their restaurant throughout the time-frame, as well as adding on a Brunch playlist that’s more funky and fun. Just like the menu, their sound is made up of a sophisticated but fun modern feel. With jazz, hip hop, indie and electronic instrumentals, with bands such as Khruganbin, Flamingosis and HNNY bringing a fresh feel to the atmosphere. Our specifically designed playlists are now live every day of the week in Stanley’s and updated on a monthly basis.

"A comfortable atmosphere is so important for our customers, and music is a big aspect of that - Altaura knows how to match music to our brand, and always keep it fresh. "

Hugh Stanley, Owner


Here's a sample of the brand sound we originally curated for Stanley's. *Subject to evolution.

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