Fill their space with sound that complimented their aesthetic. Provide an escape for guests in times of social distancing, across the day parts: coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner.


We designed three different playlists to fit the changing energies of their restaurant throughout the time-frame, as well as adding on a Brunch playlist that’s more funky and fun. Just like the menu, their sound is made up of a sophisticated but fun modern feel. With jazz, hip hop, indie and electronic instrumentals, with bands such as Khruganbin, Flamingosis and HNNY bringing a fresh feel to the atmosphere.


Our specifically designed playlists are now live every day of the week in Stanley’s unique and individual space, in the bustling Burrow of Chelsea. Here's a sample of the original brand sound *subject to evolution:


"We’re so pleased. Altaura knew how to match music to our brand, creating different energies throughout the day. We might be in the middle of a pandemic, but our space provides an escape, and the music they provide adds to the atmosphere." Hugh Stanley, Owner


Here's a sample of the brand sound we originally curated for Stanley's. *Subject to evolution.

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