Deliver a new, fresh and elegant store experience. Reflect the potential customer’s ideals and values.  Help Sofa Workshop be recognised as a leader alongside global retailers such as DFS & West Elm.


We designed a unique sound focused around the the customer journey. Taking inspiration from Ralph Lauren’s iconic  beach house, we used instrumental guitar based music, that is light, easy and modern. This created a calmer atmosphere for customers to browse, and a sense of luxury to a mid market product. The energy within the stores is kept low but not too quiet, so that customers don't feel rushed, but won't fall asleep on the comfy sofas. This energy helps customers to feel relaxed, which is ultimately going to make them feel better about buying a product to relax on. 


Sofa Workshop’s bespoke sound is now live across all of their 20 locations across the UK. Here's a sample of their original SoundAURA music:


Here's a sample from the original brand sound we curated for Sofa Workshop:

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