We were brought onboard to design sound for Milan Design Week in partnership with Timothy Oulton Studios, for their Noble Souls sofa collection. Focus on three unique areas; Space, Recollection and Reconnection.  The purpose of the activation was to bring people closer together through exploration and reconnection. 


Space. By stretching out unique pieces of music by 300 times, we created the great feeling of expanse in space. This was then layered with original Apollo 11 space mission sound bites and edits from Timothy Oulton’s record collection. 

Recollection. We used sounds recorded from the process of making the materials used in the new collection. From the hand dying, to delicate stitching and traditional weaving. 

Reconnection. We used a balance of natural sounds such as rain, bird song and rivers flowing, to give an overall relaxed atmosphere. 


Here is the post-production video of how the brand activation went.


“When working on the Apollo project, we knew we had to compliment the look and feel of the ship with a sound that would bring to life its history and time in space. Altaura delivered above and beyond our expectation, creating a unique sound that completed a one a kind project. ”
Emily Haslam, Director

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