Free Market Denver is an ever-evolving collective that develops and markets curated products, services, and experiences by combining incubator strategy with artistic understanding and infrastructure strength. We needed to compliment all of their creative services, with a dedicated music strategy that would help elevate the experience of the spaces and products for guests.



We created an overarching sound strategy for the brand. Using their brand bibles, shareholder discussions, and the interior architecture of the spaces to build a personalised sound profile, including sound schedules that compliment the changing ambience throughout the day, and suit the different areas of the space. This is compiled in a document that the brand can take away and continue to apply to the ethos of the brand.

"Altaura created an incredible sound for our spaces, we have a perfectly crafted selection of music to keep our shoppers browsing for longer."

Lindsay Parton, Co-Founder


Here's a sample of the original brand sound *subject to evolution:

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