Hand-picked tracks, by our network of specialist curators from around the globe.

how expert music curation works


Our team of music curators, use your SoundAura (Music Strategy) to curate playlists for your brand and spaces. They work closely with you as part of our brand partnership.

REGULAR playlist

Each playlist is updated by 20% each month Some playlists, such as chart hits, are updated more regularly. On average our tracks repeat less than 8 times a month. 


Our unique experience design approach to music means our curators hand pick the right tracks and schedule them at the right time.

WHY music curation is IMPORTANT

Algorithms don't work
Algorithm-based music platforms lack empathy, leading to mistakes in song choices, creative direction, and brand identity.

Human curation is more creative, culturally aware, and will accurately represent your brand, 100% of the time.

Staff get it wrong
Everyone can make a playlist, but it takes a professional to maintain and update your sound to ensure it stays on-brand and delivers the right results again and again.

Playlists go stale
A playlist, by definition, is a list. Which means it has its limits. The same songs played over and over go stale quickly.

Repetitive music damages your business, and makes unhappy staff and your guests bored. 


brands we curate for

10 sites across London, New York and LA. 

Facegym needed an upbeat sound that stayed fresh to ensure their  regular customers never felt the atmosphere got stale. Our team created a selection of regularly updated playlists that help define their experience for each and every guest.  Recently, due to lockdowns, we also helped them move their experience online.

the tech

Once you have chosen the right strategy and service package for you, we layout the best tech options to get you plugged in and playing: 


The boxes download all of your music so they don't rely on internet connections. We also offer boxes that schedule volumes, play sound design and messaging. 


Our system integrates with Sonos, simply by adding a service within the Sonos App. 


We have a free app that can be downloaded onto any IOS or android device.